Pro-life, mixed-life and anti-life


My great nephew DJ is a bright cookie. When in seventh grade, he came home one day and told me he had learned about evolution in school and that he did not believe in it because he was a Christian. He added, “Therefore, Uncle Mike, you are not a monkey’s uncle.” When we think like animals we tend to act like them. Let’s be the special creations we are. His brother TA, who has a disability, just got home from junior high church camp up north where he goes annually. The camp theme was “Worthy” (in God’s sight). TA can be made fun of, but never at camp. At the closing ceremonies last weekend, TA spontaneously got up in front of the campers, staff and parents and repeated the memorized chant the campers all knew. He shouted, “I am somebody special! If you don’t like me, tough, cuz I am cool enough and God made me exactly how he wants me to be! I am worthy!” Everyone roared their approval. DJ and TA “get it”! They know God’s love and approval and how to share it; they are pro-life.

Mixed-life: My grand-nephew Chris from St. Louis last year entered his senior year at 17. He is popular, talented and smart. We have been very close and communicate by U.S. mail and monthly phone calls. Well, around Labor Day 2017 he called me and I could hear the hesitation and concern in his voice. He asked me if I would always love him like I said I would. I said, “Yes, of course.” He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to transition to become Christine, that he was transgendered. He said, “Uncle Mike, do you still love me the same?” I replied, “Chris, no, I do not love you the same now.” I could hear his sobs. I quickly added, “Chris, now I love you — more.” Life on earth is tough, even cruel. Chris needed and needs much. He certainly does not need trite platitudes, disdain, pity or lengthy right or wrong explanations tossed at him — not that his family would ever dish out that stuff. A year later Chris is still Chris, but it is hard. Recently, the American College of Pediatricians issued a policy statement stating that encouraging young children to deny their biological birth to deal with changing genders is a form of child abuse; you know liberals hate that.

Anti-life: Last week the Press printed an article from Leftist Robert Reich who was begging centrist Republican Senators to “dump Trump” for “lacking integrity and loving Putin.” Spare me Reich, the standard bearer of Hillary, Maxine Waters (beware) and Chuck Schumer, such questionable characters. The Michigan Democratic Party looks forward to getting additional voters this fall elections because they will attract young voters seeking recreational pot, just like nationally they desire illegal immigrant votes. Really — so proud they must be. Ask law enforcement and medical staff about legal recreational pot. Oh, be so cautious Michigan voters.

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba