A new putdown


First, it was we were in a basket of deplorables. Then we were those racist, white nationalists, then we were nazis, and the names kept coming. The latest is from that “mensa card carrying liberal, Katy Couric. Some news this morning had her with CBS News, I remember her on NBC Today. I hadn’t given her much thought for the last decade or so until Bill Maher interviewed her. Obviously, she missed the spotlight, also. Now if you are a Trump supporter, (or maybe just a conservative, I wasn’t paying that much attention) you are an “anti-intellectual” and also anti-elitist. Sign me up for the anti-elitist group.

I wonder if Ms. Couric knows how much her driver pays to fill up the limo? When was the last time she bought butter, milk or any other food that normal, non-elitist purchase to make dinner with? I don’t want to be an elitist. I know more about real life as an anti-intellectual than she will ever know. I have worked most of my 60 plus years doing a lot of jobs that she wouldn’t have a clue about. I’m proud of what we normal people do. We work, we start businesses, we make payrolls. When the work is done, our day is over. We don’t show up and get our make-up applied for us, our hair done for us and we like it that way!

Tom Grant



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