Recall vote


I would like to make a few comments on the upcoming special election on May 7th. First and foremost this is not a left attack against the right. It is about bringing back transparency and honesty back to our county board. If Mr LaMarche would have attended meetings and did his own research on what was really going on at the county level instead of only depending on what he read in the press (they can’t report everything) he might have a different opinion. And to Mr. Deeds comments, all the commissioners are Republicans and two of them are doing a great job putting the county over party. Again, this isn’t the left against the right because there are many Republicans supporting the recall.

So the bottom line is get out and vote on May 7th. If you have been really paying attention to all that has been going on and want a change for the better of our county as a whole, vote District 3- Myra Croasdell, District 4- Kelli Van Ginhoven and District 5- Matt Jensen.

Judi LaCosse



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