Forget DIY for your wedding – think DIT

Many brides and grooms who want to craft meaningful and memorable wedding decorations choose to make one important item — the bouquet, table centerpiece or party giveaway gifts. Others go all-out, crafting nearly every detail, either to save money or to make the day more personal.

Marissa DeMercurio, of Arvada, Colorado, made everything she could by hand for her 2014 wedding. The key, she says, was planning the projects well in advance and inviting family and friends to help. She asked some friends who are artists to make, paint and handprint items, from handmade signs to the lawn games played at her outdoor ceremony and reception. She found her inspirations at online sites such as Pinterest and Etsy, and in craft stores, and chose Colorado nature as the theme.

Recruit friends, she says, “and you can save tons of money and it’ll look better because it’s exactly what you wanted,” DeMercurio says.

Darcy Miller, editor at large for Martha Stewart Weddings and author of the new “Celebrate Everything” (HarperCollins), calls it DIT: do it together.

“Yes, the DIY is fun and makes it personal, but DIT makes it more meaningful,” says Miller. “Part of the wedding is delegating and collaborating, not only as a means to get it done but as a means for making it more fun.”

Some of DeMercurio’s decorations, such as a chalkboard showing the couple’s relationship highlights, hang in the house she shares with her husband, Pete Kardasis.