Youth In Art winners announced

ESCANABA – The 2015 Youth in Art exhibit at the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center wrapped up earlier this month with a pair of awards receptions and what the Bonifas hopes to be the first of many youth talent shows.

This year the Bonifas welcomed the generous sponsorship of the Verso Corporation to assist in showcasing the artistic talents of Delta County students in grades K-12. Other sponsoring organizations included the Delta/Schoolcraft ISD, the Escanaba Noon Kiwanis, the Escanaba Chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Club, and Gladstone City Hall. Each group selected individuals from across the grade levels to receive awards.

Award-winners from the Verso Corporation included: Billy Rodriguez, Bethany Tourangeau, Hailee Rae Cloutier, Sean Boyle, Dalia Reyes-Crossman, Chebon Chupeo, Ally Adamini, Nicole Kamin, Madeline Mai, Charlie Tackman, Hannah Sheldon, Marissa Derouin, Anna Shier, Kendyl Miller, and a group project from Bark River Harris.

The Delta/Schoolcraft ISD handed out awards to Ambrosia Tauriainen, Hayden Moulds, Hope Brunngraeber, Tirah Hauswirth, Randi Irving, Jayla Porath, Stormy Vermote, Chebon Chupeo, Ezekiel Zima, Roksy Blue Veraghen, Marissa Tryan, Ava Burrows, Ahna Larson, Tanisha Trombley, Giselle Laurila, Jenna Rubrick, Lexy Hornick, Laura Hallfrisch, Lindsey McCann, Taylor Berthaume, Victoria Williams, Dana Haswell, Taylor Hedges, Justin Larson, Emily Hickman, Breanna Martin, and a group project from Bark River Harris.

From the Escanaba Noon Kiwanis awards were given to Kyra Keeker, Benjamin Knauf, Brittany Thunder, Meisi Peippo, Josie Hemminger, Kaitlyn Williamson, Roksy Blue Veraghen, Olivia Mai, Linnea Cope, Erica Proehl, Kaitlin Krouth, Amber Smith, Victoria Williams, Kaylee Hubert, Taylor Hedges, Zachary Wiles, and a group project from the Escanaba Upper Elementary School.

The Escanaba Chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Club chose to award William Garner, Billy Rodriguez, Adele Ostlund, Haydin Fields, Harlee Coolman, London McCullough, Jayla Porath, Zachary Nelson, Josie Hemminger, Daniel Smith, Mari Bink, Roksy Blue Veraghen, Tyler Kutchie, Olivia Mai, Desirae Rowley, Ahna Larson, Madeline Mai, Allen Wadeen, Savannah Vincent, Jenna Rubrick, Gunnar Larson, Erica Proehl, Kaitlyn Casperson, Laura Hallfrisch, Amber Smith, Kallie Webber, Emily Guerette, Lindsey McCann, Taylor Berthaume, Chelsea LaPalm, Fabiola Becerra, Anna Shier, Rachel LaCosse, Breanna Martin, Sarah LaCosse, Halie Hardwick, Taylor Hedges, and members of the advanced art classes at Stephenson High School.

The Gladstone City Hall honored Phoenix Caron, Andrew Karl, Bethany Tourangeau, Owen Gereau, Henry Polega, Brie Ketcham, John Soderman, Jayger Quinn, Maggie Buckley, Ayana Snouwaert, Anna Rouleau, Alivia Blowers, Brianna Bowman, Kenzi Pepin, Madalyn Belanger, Sean Sailer, Jessa Vizineau, Carlie Haas, Laura Hallfrisch, Tasi Martinez, Katie Stephenson, Lindsey McCann, Anna Shier, Sophie Carlson, Holly Thurber, Meagan Walters, Ben Troutman, Sarah LaCosse, Kaylee Hubert, Victoria Wilber, Mikaela Hamilton, and Aubrey Chouinard


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