YAP fills the gaps for kids in need


As we approach this holiday season, I am filled with gratitude for the generous and compassionate community of which I am a part. I am reminded that while we traditionally focus on thanks and giving this time of year, one of the most important things we can do is extend the spirit of thanksgiving throughout the year. Gifts of time, goods, services, and money are all critical to the charitable organizations who work to fill the gaps for those in need. The Youth Assistance Program (YAP) of Delta County is one of those organizations. As a recipient of these gifts, YAP has been able to provide for the outstanding needs of children for almost 30 years.

Sometimes the needs of kids are obvious — shoes with holes causing wet socks and cold feet, clothes that are worn and too small causing discomfort and chafing, and a backpack that’s falling apart and losing its contents despite the duct tape used for repair; but many needs are only revealed when adults connect with kids and take the time to find simple solutions for what can be big problems from a child’s point of view.

Providing for kids is never about “things” alone. However, when a child has gone without, some “things” can allow them to be more present in their childhood after letting go of a worry. One such thing was a pillow for a child who slept on the couch and came to school tired every day. When his sleep improved, his behavior also improved and he was better able to engage in activities with his peers and learn alongside them without disruption. For another student who walked to work, a bike allowed him to expand his employment search and he was able to accept a higher paying job that made him proud to be valued for his skills.

It is truly a privilege to be a part of an all-volunteer organization that honors childhood through the giving of others with 99.95 percent of all funds raised going directly to the needs of children. Please consider supporting YAP or another organization in our community — together we can do so much to make thanksgiving more than just a holiday.

Lacy Lauzon

YAP President