County board meeting


At the statutory meeting of the county board of commissioners last night, I was appalled by what I heard from various audience members. Ann Fix accused me of being heavy handed and intentionally intimidating members of the audience. That’s an outright falsehood, if you watch the meetings on YouTube you cannot hear the audience, and what is said. I have been sworn at, (F bowed) threatened, and treated with disregard as I attempt to do the work of the people in running an orderly meeting.

Ms. Fix went on to say that members of the board who carry concealed pistols are attempting to intimidate the audience. I would remind her that per capita, Delta County has issued more CPL permits than any other county in the state of Michigan. That’s because the men and women of this county understand what freedom is about. With more concealed pistol permits per capita than any other county, am I do extrapolate from her comments that all concealed weapons holders are Neanderthals and thugs?

I and other members of the board who exercise our constitutional rights by carrying concealed, have never tried to intimidate anyone. This month an individual that made death threats against my family will end up in court because Officer Chouniard took my complaint seriously and sought a warrant. I find it unique that the left in their attempt to discredit three conservative commissioners, fails to recognize that their own actions have contributed to an environment at meetings that is so childish and rude, that a policy had to be created to remove unruly persons from the board room, so that the work of the people could be done. The disruptions and rudeness as well as the outright lies aimed at the commission are result of a well orchestrated plan by members of the left who are using “rules for radicals” as their playbook.

I have said this before, during my first 13 years of service to you, if I was the kind of person that the left accuses me of being, there would be ample evidence of my misconduct. Instead what you hear are platitudes that are regurgitated without any evidence. This is done to make people arrive at negative conclusions, and slaughter character.

The statement that you make on May 7 will have far-reaching consequences, and will impact the direction this county is going. I encourage all who can vote to get out and vote, and to protect the vote that you have already made on November 8 of 2022.

David Moyle



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