Abortion – when life begins


There is a lot of confusion about when life begins. Some think it begins with conception, others when the heart starts beating, others when the baby’s head pops out. There is one who knows the answer – the God of creation!

He is the one we ought to go to for the answer, which he provides in His Bible. In Ephesians 1:3 God says that he knew us from before creation, thousands of years before. In Jeremiah 1:4 God tells Jeremiah that He knew him before Jeremiah was even conceived and in his mother’s belly. Thousands of years before each of us was born, God had us solidly in his mind, knowing every facet of our physical, mental and spiritual being. He knew whether Jeremiah had a Roman or a pug or other kind of nose, the color of his eyes, his character and temperament, and whether Jeremiah would love and obey God. He knew Jeremiah so well that he prepared a plan for his life and ordained him to be a missionary even before conception. These are not the wandering thought of someone who may or may not create somebody, but of a God who knows the person he is going to create so well that he can assign to Jeremiah the lifework of being a missionary and ordain him as such. He also knows each one of us before we are conceived as completely as he did Jeremiah. Therefore God considers each of us a fact before we are actually conceived and born. So if God considered us as complete human beings before we are conceived then we are killing a complete when we abort.

In Psalm 139: 13-17, God has David relate how God knits each one of us together in our mother’s womb. He used the genes he has created for that purpose to bring forth some of the characteristics of the parents that will be different in our siblings. So when we abort a child, we are killing someone God knows well and has created as a special human being with a purpose and a plan. This is a sin, so think hard about this before you make a decision.

If you have already aborted a child, there is hope. Take your guilt to God and confess it. Go into the Bible and learn how much God loves you — that you are born a sinner bent for hell; that you cannot do anything about it. God demands perfection and none of us have that commodity, but he cared enough that he sent his son Jesus to earth to live and then die on the cross, taking all the wrath God has for our sins on his own soul – paying for our sins; and that if we believe this, God will impart this salvation to us and we can repent of our lifestyle, trust Him for our salvation, and ask for a forgiveness which God is waiting with eager heart to give us.

Dorene Hatfield



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