Vandalism in the park


I am a long time admirer of Ludington Park. It seems that every time I go to Escanaba, year around, I drive through Ludington Park and Aronson Island because I love the beauty that it has to offer. I also am the guy in the park with the ice cream wagon (Sticky Fingers). This I believe is my 17th year in the park vending and my 42nd year vending at the U.P. State Fair.

I have seen a lot in those years. When the park first opened for summer vending, we were the concessionaire that sold in the park for the first 10 years. We did have a period of time that vandalism was happening to us. Most of the vandalism went away when the city switched from 55 gallon cans with metal lids to the current plastic wheeled carts for garbage. (No metal lids for pounding on the stand).

This year there has been a rash of tipping over the porta-johns and egging the inside and outside of the porta-johns. More recently this past Saturday night somebody tore up the grass pretty bad and drove into the water fountain breaking it loose. I believe that the vehicle should have some damage done to it with the collision. I also believe that a lot of this vandalism can be stopped by installing security cameras on the power pole by the porta-johns or in the trees close by. The restroom complex by the tennis courts is also having vandalism inside. Check it out. This could also be monitored by security cameras to stop or slow down the vandalism.

Thanking you,

Frank Destrampe



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