Leash law


Weather getting nicer. Many people out walking with their four-legged friends. Remember in the City of Escanaba there is a leash law. A couple of years ago my dog and I were the victims of an attack by a couple of dogs who were left unattended. Again this year we were charges by a dog running lose within the city, and have seen other dogs running lose and unattended. Even dogs who are entirely friendly pose a threat to people who are walking or running with their pets. They approach the runner and their dog which distracts the runner’s and causes the runner to trip over their own pet or the approaching “friendly” dog. There are also people who would sooner not have contact with dogs, friendly or otherwise. There is a dog park out near the airport with fenced in areas for those who want to let their pets run unencumbered by a leash. The leash law within the city protects both pet owners and those not fond of pets. Especially those off leash.

David J LeTourneau



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