Time to begin to step aside


Most of us were blessed with parents who encouraged us to master a few of life’s basic lessons even before we began to go to school. Among these were “we can’t win every time”, “we don’t always get what we want” , and “the world does not revolve around us.” Sadly for our nation, however, it seems that our current president never learned these time-honored tenets. His erratic tenure in office and now his ridiculous post-election behavior clearly demonstrate that he operates according to a different set of rules beginning with “If I’m wealthy enough and if I whine loudly enough, I can always get my way.” Sorry, but that’s not how most of us were raised, and we certainly would never tolerate such behavior in our own children. It’s time that he begin to step aside so that our nation can return to being governed by the actions of well-meaning, honorable men. I, for one, have had enough.

Glenn Cody



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