Vote for pro-life candidates


The letter stated: ‘Many people vote for particular candidates because they are guided by their pro-life convictions and belief in the sanctity of life… we suggest that the pro-life view be expanded to not only include the well-being of the preborn embryo but recognize the sanctity of all life, during all of its many phases; and to guard against those forces and powers that attempt to devalue the sanctity of life.’

I submit that this is not expanding the meaning of pro-life, but an attempt to throw out the principle and the baby with it.

We in the pro-life movement are not talking about just the well-being of the preborn embryo, although even at that stage, 2 weeks to about 8 weeks after fertilization, they are a developing human child and deserve to be protected. We are talking about their actual life, as in the Right to Life, our first defined right. You talk about the sanctity of life, and all life is sacred, but you then totally de-value it by wanting us to forget about those unborn babies or put them last.

Just forget about killing the totally innocent child in the womb, even up to and including time of birth, and instead just focus on being nice to those that we don’t kill.

Let’s see, how does that work? You would like us to vote for those that support the killing of innocent children in the womb, because they will be nicer to those that are allowed to live. Really. You don’t think that those that can deny the Right to Life of innocent human life will have any problem depriving you of your life, or liberty, if it serves their purposes? If human life is not sacred for the innocent, it is not sacred at all.

I agree, that after the life of the innocent is protected, we need to also take care of each other at all stages of life. However, first things first.

I urge all voters to vote for true pro-life candidates, those that support protecting the most vulnerable and innocent of us. Maybe then we can work together to witness to the sanctity of life and protect all human life, from conception until natural death.

Daniel J Hughes



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