Against Bay millage


Considering that K-12 public schools throughout Delta County operate on shrinking budgets every year and can’t pass sinking fund millages, why does Bay College believe it’s entitled to a 20-year millage increase, taxpayer funded, bottomless cookie jar?

While Escanaba Area Schools Superintendent Coby Fletcher recommends closing Soo Hill School, Bay College expands its unnecessary, pretentious athletic programs. In March of this year, the Norse softball team even went to Florida for spring training. Do any of the K-12 schools in Delta County provide their student athletes with such a perk?

I will not vote to “grow” Bay College while K-12 public schools constantly grapple with declining student counts and the expanding basic needs of the very young and vulnerable youth in our towns county wide. If any school in Delta County deserve more millage increases, it our K-12 public schools, not the “wannabe elitist” Bay Community College. Vote no Nov. 5.

Irene Fisher



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