Against solar farm


I applaud the recent letters by Wayne Seibert, Laurie Rasmussen, Gary Wyckoff and others who have written in protest of the Chandler solar ‘farm’ project. Having lived more than 25 years in the Flat Rock area I shudder at the thought of these industrial scale megawatt power generating plants. The image of 900 acres of solar panels is horrific. The thought of even 10 acres covered in solar panels is a a blight on our community. There are industrial ‘parks’ in Gladstone, Escanaba and other communities in the U.P. Why are they not building there? Especially with Escanaba already having an established solar energy park.

Face facts folks, Orion Energy and UPPCO care nothing about the Upper Peninsula or its people. All Orion and others care about are the dollars they receive from our federal government. Orion does not believe there is any risk related to ground water contamination and has stated that ‘if our project were ever to cause water pollution – we will have a legal responsibility for cleaning it up’ A legal responsibility does not ensure that any pollution of the water table will — or can be cleaned up. Those are just words. These out-of-state and multi-national corporations do not care about the end results of their plants. All they care about are the billions they will make, not the return to those who have to live with-in the area. Does the small savings compensate for the ruination of a beautiful rural area?

Hmmm… the township ordinance does promote and enhance the welfare of Orion Renewable Energy (big buck people). Don’t see where it promotes and enhances the overall welfare and quality of life in Escanaba Township as a whole nor is it in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the Township residents.

Sarah Singer



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