School board not doing its job


Several members of the Rapid River School Board are not doing the job they were elected to do. During a recent school board meeting held on Sept. 9, 2019, the Rapid River school community once again voiced opposition and provided public feedback in response to recent school board actions. The view of a large number of the school community (voiced at this meeting and at several other recent meetings) was mostly disregarded by these members who appeared to have little interest in considering the information the school community was giving them and little interest in considering what the school community was asking them to do.

This is important because a school board is created as a public entity for a reason — to ensure that they are representative of the school community and that they take into consideration what the school community wants for their school. A school board has several measures in place to make sure the voice of the school community is heard that include allotting time during each meeting for public comment, holding meetings in view of and open to the public, and maintaining records according to open records guidelines.

During this recent meeting, it was also discovered that the policies and procedures of the Rapid River School Board do not include notifying the school community of all special meetings or sessions held even though the public, if notified, would be able to provide comment and input about the business conducted during the special meeting or session. The Rapid River school community should use their voice to let these school board members know this is not an acceptable means of providing leadership and that this is not what they were voted onto the school board to do. Several ways the school community can do this come to mind including organizing candidates to oppose these board members when the next elections are held; holding get out the vote drives to remind the school community of why this is an important issue; and initiating recall petitions or elections. By using their voice and holding these school board members accountable for their actions and decisions, the Rapid River school community will ensure the school board is acting as they were intended and created to do.

Jenny Farnes


and Renee DeWitt

DePere, Wis.


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