Unorderly township board


Correspondence to the Maple Ridge Township Board:

I am still trying to wrap my head around what I witnessed at the last Maple Ridge Township Board meeting. I witnessed ineptness, absurdity, immaturity, rudeness and just plain unprofessionalism. the board held a meeting with total disregard to Robert’s Rules of Order. Roberts rules is a standard set of rules to run orderly meetings with maximum fairness to all members and guest.

They began with the supervisors reading a statement from two points of view. One of her own and one stating township rules, regulations and ordinance. The township facilitator was the only person to respond to her comments, the one and only person to respond. Then the township treasurer had a short response to the supervisor and the facilitator was the only person to respond to the Treasurer’s comment.

I myself have attended hundreds of municipal types of meetings and this meeting was one the worst displays of unprofessionalism by a township board I have ever witnessed.

How and why does a township of this size need a facilitator? Who is the facilitator? Was he appointed by the board? What are his credentials/qualifications for him to hold this position? Can I see a list of his duties and responsibilities? Were others interviewed for this position? Was it advertised? Do I need to submit a FOIA to get answers to these unanswered questions? I certainly can’t ask them at a board meeting when the “Call to the Public” is ignored or bypassed and no one is allowed to speak. The board seems to be run by a regime rather than elected officials.

Maybe some of the township board’s practices should be investigated and or audited by an outside independent source. It’s a pity when a community as small as this is split by bullish type tactics and voters/public silenced.

On last comment. The end of June’s meeting was not properly adjourned. For the supervisor to stand and say “this meeting is adjourned” and grab her paperwork and walk out is not becoming of a professional nor proper. There has to be a motion to adjourn and approved by another member of the board. The facilitator has no right to vote nor personally pursued any member of the board’s vote.

I ask that copies of this correspondence be distributed to all the board members. In the event it is not, I will hand deliver copies myself and also distribute them to the public

Mark J. Holbrook



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