Recall vote Nov. 6 in Garden, Fairbanks

GARDEN — Voters in the townships of Garden and Fairbanks will decide whether or not to recall township officials during the Nov. 6 general election. A declaration of sufficiency of recall petitions was issued by Delta County Clerk Nancy Kolich Tuesday.

The petitions in question concern Supervisor Ronald Collins, Clerk Kathryn Denholm, and Trustee James Dalgord of Fairbanks Township and Supervisor Morgan Tatrow of Garden Township. The petitions dealing with the Fairbanks officials needed 39 signatures to be successful, while the petition dealing with Tatrow needed 101 signatures. These numbers are equal to 25 percent of the turnout for the last gubernatorial election in each township.

During a clarity hearing in January, recall petition language focusing on these officials was not approved by the Delta County Election Commission because commission members found the submitted language vague and difficult for voters to understand. At a clarity hearing in early May, recall petition language dealing with Tatrow and Denholm was approved by the commission; later that month, language dealing with Collins and Dalgord was approved during another clarity hearing.

The approved language dealing with Collins and Dalgord states that they “(voted) yes on a motion to grant Heritage Sustainable Energy township consent to place electrical power lines within the Delta County road right-of-way without requesting Heritage provide compensation to the township,” while the language dealing with Denholm claims that she had made “a motion to give township board consent to Heritage Sustainable Energy to place electrical power lines within the Delta County road right-of-way without the request providing compensation to the township.” According to the approved language dealing with Tatrow, the efforts to recall him are based on him “voting yes on a motion to grant Heritage Garden Township consent to use Delta County’s right of way for construction and operation of an electrical power line without requesting Heritage to provide compensation to the township.”

Kolich’s declaration stated that the petitions were filed in the Delta County Clerk’s Office on Thursday, Aug. 2 and Friday, Aug. 3. For this vote to appear on the Nov. 6 election, the signatures needed to be submitted by Aug. 3.

The deadline for candidates to file for the positions currently held by Collins, Denholm, Dalgord, and Tatrow is Sept. 14.