Sigfrids celebrate 60 years of marriage with poetry

Jim and Barb Sigfrid

Ode to the Sigfrids 60th Anniversary

There once was a Swede named Jim

He was young and fit and trim

By tending the cows on his family farm

And herding the chickens into the barn

Chores like these kept him humble, hardy and strong!

But he left this all behind

To move to Chicago to find

A job, a career and a trade

But he found something else in his quest for success

There he met a pretty young maid!

She was a redheaded beauty named Barb

Who stole the heart of this boy from the farm

By winning him over with her sweet, southern Alabama charm!

It wasn’t long though before wedding bells rang

So married they became in ’63

Which led to a whole new brood of three!

Life in the city tho was not their dream

So they moved to the UP to be near the rivers and streams!

Jenny and Eric and Sam now grew up

With wildlife, forests, and babbling brooks!

They built a house on the Gladstone Bluff

With friends who helped them, sure enough!

A nice, new home with plenty of space

And life took on a fast, busy pace!

Building and renovating many Kingdom Halls

Warm campfires and dinners for their friends all

Sharing with their neighbors Jehovah’s Good News

And the benefits received if this life they would choose!

Golfing and sailing and traveling the world over

This adventurous twosome explored as they got older, and older, and OLDER!!!!

Over the years though, a reputation Jim has garnered

By driving his trucks until they are goners!

His rigs causing the demise of many a poor deer

For there is no end to this man’s career!

This generous duo have strived to help others in countless ways

And we have all been blessed by their kindness and friendship up to this very day!

So 60 years have come to pass

And brought us to this day at last

Where loving friends have gathered in this place beside the Bay

To wish you an eternity of love and joy and peace

In Jehovah’s New World Paradise

Where blessings will never cease!

Happy 60th Anniversary to this wonderful and fun-loving couple!


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