Delta League gathering proposal signatures


The League of Women Voters of Michigan is a committed partner in support of Promote the Vote 2022. This is a citizen-initiated ballot proposal to amend the Michigan Constitution to improve both election security and access to voting.

This ballot initiative will:

Make voting more convenient and accessible, especially for seniors, rural voters, parents working two jobs and veterans who often have a hard time voting.

Guarantee Michigan voters serving in the military will have their ballot counted if postmarked by Election Day.

Ensures convenience and accessibility for those that have to vote absentee by providing for secure ballot drop boxes and making absentee applications accessible.

Creates nine days of early in-person voting, enhances in-person voting and ensures convenience and accessibility for all eligible voters.

Enhances the integrity and security of our elections by modernizing how we administer elections to ensure every vote counts.

By signing a petition to place Promote the Vote 2022 on the November ballot, we can protect the ability of every Michigan voter regardless of Party to be heard without intimidation, harassment or interference and enhance the fairness and integrity of our elections.

The Delta County League of Women Voters will be gathering petition signatures on Wednesday May 25 in front of the Canterbury Book Store at 908 Ludington Street from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Check the Facebook page for Delta County League of Women Voters for additional signing dates and places.

More information on Promote the Vote 2022 can be found on the websites: promotethevote2022.com or votersnotpoliticians.com

Sue Scheeneman

Ann Bissell

Carol Irving

Patricia Rudden

Delta County League of Women Voters


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