Open restaurants


We. the people, are tired of drive thru and takeout food. Per the governor’s orders, restaurants in the Upper Peninsula can open for inside dining. Why, then, are so many restaurants still closed? I have talked to some fast food personnel who say it is a corporate decision. Really? Some of the same fast food restaurants we have are open in some areas downstate, and their risk was and still is a lot higher than ours. Is it the franchise owners call as to whether they open? Are they staying closed because business and profits are just as good with less employees to pay, or can’t they get their employees to come back to work? Maybe they don’t want to bother with constantly sanitizing the tables after each use, which they should have been doing anyway. It’s time to open up again. I, personally, am not going to support the restaurants and fast food places anymore that continue this practice. If we all unite and do this, maybe they will open up again, and we can begin to resume some normalcy. I will give my business to the restaurants and fast food places that are open. I certainly supported drive thru and takeout when that was our only choice, but enough is enough.


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