Bay Civics Corps students produce podcast

ESCANABA — In winter 2023 Semester, Bay College Civics Corps students and advisor partnered with Dr. Alice Maher and Matt Bogaty of Waging Dialogue. Over the course of 16 weeks, the students learned principles for effective dialogue and practiced these job-ready skills with people from various generations. The students participating in the Civics Corps this term were: Hunter Anderson, Paul Barrios, Gabi Boyle, Kathy Hickman, Julie Payne, Amber Trombley, and Lizzie Schmieg. The club is advised by Dr. June Klees.

Through a series of interactive co-designed sessions focused on building job-ready Civic Diplomacy skills, the students practiced basic, but critical, psychological and historical-mindsets that gave them an interdisciplinary, scientifically-based awareness of how to effectively engage in dialogue across difference. They also used critical thinking, organizational, and time-management skills, as they selected discussion partners and topics for two-part, intergenerational, listening sessions. The students then conducted a meta-analysis of their experiences, which they shared in their podcast episode.

Kathy Hickman said, “I learned a lot of things from this experience. Even if I don’t agree with the way someone perceives things or their opinion, it doesn’t mean that I still can’t put myself in their position and understand why they see things that way.”

The students also reflected on how they will apply these skills on the job. Gabi Boyle indicated, “To me it was a brilliant experience, especially since I am majoring in social work, so the interviewing skills are absolutely crucial on the job.” Amber Trombley added, “I am going to be an elementary school teacher, and this is an experience I definitely will carry into my career. A teacher is a public figure and someone the next generations look up to, and working on your diplomacy and the way you communicate with people of all ages is important in a role like that.” The podcast episode released mid-May and available for viewing on: YouTube – www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDly_9CtvBE, on the Waging Dialogue’s Youtube Channel – www.youtube.com/@wagingdialogue4315, and the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement’s website – compcivicengagement.org/civics-corps.




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