Gladstone graduates get scholarships

GLADSTONE — Gladstone Scholarship and Student Loan Foundation scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors May 26. The value of the scholarships totalled $140,800.  

Recipients of the scholarships were:

Ralph and Lily Rains Memorial Scholarship:  Blake Krouth, Isaac Berthaume, Samuel Jensen, Emma Delaire, Rane Castor, Cameron Ballard, Isabelle VanBrocklin, Nathaniel Micheau, Lydia Tembreull, Wyatt Madden, Alaina Trudeau, Ahna Larson, Sean Sailer, Gabrielle Wares, Carter Hedman, Megan Robinson, Lucas Hughes, Calvin Thibault, Peter Noblet

Gordon L. and Cornelia M. Olson Memorial Scholarship:  Abigail Micheau, Dylan Messina

John and Melissa Besse Foundation Scholarship:  Emma Harris

Lillian Berry Memorial Scholarship:  Nathaniel Highsmith

Cynthia C. Ridings Scholarship:  Alexis Marenger

Doris Becvar Memorial Scholarship:  Megan Crow

Ethel, Carl, Hilding and Walter Larson Memorial Scholarship:  Kylie Williams, Hannah Tulgetske, Marnea LaFave

Jane Empson Memorial Scholarship:  Frank Thibault

Naomi Hult Memorial Scholarship:  Dylan Pepin

Edna F. Boydston Scholarship:  Trevor Hanson, Jada LaFave

Alice Davis Memorial Scholarship:  Abigail Micheau

Elmer and Albertine Beaudry Scholarship:  Ryan Polley

Glenfield and Weder Scholarship:  Kate Matthews

Gorlitz Memorial Scholarship:  Alexa Tryan

James Marmalick Scholarship:  Chloe Charlebois

Mack and Millie Davis Memorial Scholarship:  Blake Krouth

Truax Scholarship:  Joseph Borman

VanDonsel Trust Business Scholarship:  Hannah Tulgetske, Nathaniel Micheau, Bradley Milligan, Marnea LaFave, Chloe Charlebois, Wyatt Madden, Rane Castor, Cameron Ballard, Ahna Larson, Lucas Hughes, Sean Sailer, Emma Delaire, Dylan Messina, Blake Krouth, Gavin Myhren, Megan Crow, Lydia Tembreull, Evan Peterson, Carter Hedman, Ryan Polley

Eldon R. Keil Award and Scholarship:  Cameron Ballard

Gladstone Scholarship and Student Loan Foundation:  Megan Crow

In addition to the scholarships presented, the GSSLF also offers $2,000 interest free loans to our graduates.  Applications are available in the main office until June 11th.


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