Escanaba reminds residents of permit fees

ESCANABA — The City of Escanaba would like to remind everyone that permits are required by ordinance for a number of different types of projects within the city limits prior to work commencing. Permit applications can be found online at https://www.escanaba.org/forms.

— Zoning Compliance Permit ($30 or $250 fee, depending on size and scope of project): Required for all structures that cover any portion of the property (decks, porches, sheds, gazebos, carports, garages, houses, commercial buildings, etc.)

— Fence Permit ($30 Fee): Required for new fences and fence replacements

— Change of Use/Home Occupation Permit ($30 Fee): Required when a property is changing from one type of use to another OR for a home occupation (such as salon, daycare, repair service, etc.)

— Sign Permit ($30 Fee): Required for most types of exterior signs (not interior)

— Excavation/Right-of-Way Permit ($30 Fee): Required for any work (driveway, sidewalk, curbing, sewer/water service work, temporary storage of machinery/materials) done in the city right-of-way area (generally the front portion of a property between the property line and the street).

— Moving Permit ($30 Fee): Required for moving heaving equipment or structures on city-controlled roadways

If you have questions on permit requirements or processes, contact the Escanaba Planning and Zoning Department at 906-786-9402 or permits@escanaba.org.


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