Women’s screenings available for low or no cost

ESCANABA — Low- or no-cost breast and cervical cancer screenings and services and follow-up care are available to local women through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP).

Whether insured or not, BCCCNP helps women to receive the care they need. BCCNP can arrange for program-eligible women to receive breast and cervical cancer screenings, follow-up care for abnormal test results, and treatment if breast or cervical cancer is diagnosed.

Eligible women must be between the ages of 21 and 64 for cervical services and 40 and 64 for breast services, with an income less than or equal to 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

This year, a household of one can have an annual income of up to $31,225, a household of two can have an income of $42,275, a household of three can have an income of $53,325, a household of four can have an income of $64,375, a household of five can have an income of $75,425, and a household of six can have an income of $86,475 to qualify for the program.

Uninsured women can enroll in the program and receive cancer screening services — mammograms and Pap tests — at no cost.

Underinsured women, women with high deductibles may receive screenings and diagnostic services not paid for by their insurance.

Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer may also be eligible to receive treatment through the BCCCNP Medicaid Treatment Act.

For more information or to find out if you are eligible to receive program services, contact BCCCNP Upper Peninsula Regional Coordinator Kristi Steger at 906-789-8110.


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