Werys celebrate 63rd wedding anniversary

Betty and Edward Wery

WERY — On Oct. 28 we, Betty and Edward Wery, celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we’ve made it this far, thanking the Lord for the wonderful life we have had and for the wonderful family, he has given us. First came our daughter Debi and then our three sons Steve, Ron, and Gary. From them came one’s husband and the other three their wives, followed by eight grand-children. It didn’t stop there; we then welcomed seven great-grandchildren. Then just recently, we have enjoyed the last two newcomers, to which we are great-great-grandparents. We have had a lot of happy memories and family get togethers, not counting the family vacation trips we took.

Our wish now is that we live long enough to watch our family grow. As for now, we all live within a thirty-mile radius from each other. From Carney to Wilson to Bark River to Escanaba and then Gladstone. We can’t thank the Lord enough for the wonderful life He has given us. We have both made some adjustments and compromises, but we are thrilled we found each other and have been able to share the significant and small things of life together. We’re looking forward to more memories to be a prelude to future memories — but what we like most is that our entire family is still living.


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