Meet the athlete: Escanaba’s Anna Boutilier

Escanaba senior Anna Boutilier celebrates a double during a Great Northern Conference doubleheader on May 8, 2024 at Abrahamson Field in Escanaba. (“The Big Dog” Mitch Vosburg/Daily Press)

ESCANABA — Not everyone gets to play shortstop on their high school softball team. Not everyone gets voted homecoming queen.

Unless you’re Escanaba’s Anna Boutilier. She’s done both during her senior season. She’s one of three seniors on the Eskymos softball team that, before the Eskymos’ doubleheader against Marquette on Monday, boasts a 16-4 record.

But who is Boutilier outside of the homecoming queen and shortstop?

Daily Press sports editor “The Big Dog” caught up with Boutilier after Esky’s doubleheader sweep over Kingsford on May 8 to answer that question.

Big Dog: Your senior year is starting to come to an end. What you enjoyed most about it so far?

Anna Boutilier: Honestly, the team bonding. And overall, just not caring and having a good time.

BD: Do you know what you’re going to do after high school yet?

AB: I’m doing the fifth year at Bay (College). Then I’m going up to Northern (Michigan University) for Elementary Education.

BD: What makes you want to pursue that?

AB: I want to give these little kids the education that they need. I feel like we’re really lacking good teachers right now. It’s giving me a good push to keep it going I guess.

BD: Do you want to stick around the U.P. or go somewhere else when you graduate college?

AB: I plan on going to the Green Bay area. It’s kind of near. I want to be toward home, but not too far and not too close. You know?

BD: Gotcha. I assume you’re a Packers fan then?

AB: No, I’m not really anything. I don’t care about football. (Both Boutilier and Big Dog laugh)

BD: What are you going to miss most about high school when it’s all said and done?

AB: Honestly, making all of these friendships, being around all these people and having a great time in general.

BD: What are you willing to do to make sure the last game of the year isn’t a loss?

AB: Play my hardest. Keep the team up. It gives us a good push to keep going and win overall.

BD: You guys have an insane energy in the dugout. Who’s kind of the ring leader when it comes to that?

AB: Harlee Coolman. She’s always up, she’s never really down on herself.

BD: last question, what are three things you’re thankful for?

AB: My family, my coaches and my friends.


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