Mid Peninsula seniors topple law enforcement officers in annual Fuzz Busters fundraiser game

Mid Peninsula seniors and local law enforcement officers pose for a photo after the Fuzz Busters game on April 10, 2024 at Mid Peninsula High School. (Adam Hinch/Daily Press)

ST. NICHOLAS — Local law enforcement officers and the community came out to support the Mid Peninsula senior class of 2024 in the annual Fuzz Busters event at the Mid Peninsula High School Wednesday night. The event, an annual event since 1993, is a basketball game between local law enforcement officers and Mid Pen’s senior class.

“This is a great thing for our community,” Superintendent Eric VanDamme said. “It gives the kids and the community an opportunity to interact with law enforcement in a different way and really helps our community grow as well as gain a different sort of respect for the officers who serve our community.”

It is an event for all ages to enjoy.

“We have two generations of students at these events,” VanDamme said. “I look in the stands and see the kids that graduated when I first came here 13 years ago and these kids may very well have kids of there own someday in this event and that is what makes this night so special.”

Outside of the normal four quarter basketball game, bonus points are awarded for teams that win mini games.These include events like unique dress up and doughnut competition.

The event also raises money for a substance free all-night graduation party which takes place on the day of the graduation after the ceremonies are complete and goes until 5 a.m. the following morning.

The seniors ultimately walked away with a 133-29 win.

“It is great to be able to help the kids have safe fun following graduation and it fosters a relationship between the kids and law enforcement in the community,” Escanaba Public Safety officer Eric Willour said. “Its a nice opportunity to bond with them and the community to support such an event that promotes safety and responsibility to the kids in our community.”


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