Gold Medal Classic reveals 2024 tournament award winners, honors

Joe Rodman Award for the Outstanding player in the Tournament: Jason Whitens, R-Place, Spaulding.

Dick Deschine Trophy- Most Points in one game: Adam Nolde, Bloniarz Farms, Perronville: 41

Marv Fedrizzi Trophy – Most Points in the Tournament: Nick Nolde, Bloniarz Farms, Perronville: 108

Glen Fleetwood Sportsmanship Trophy: Noah Gorzinski, Whitens Dry Kiln, Hermansville

Ray Bray Award, Most Colorful Player in the Tournament: Mike Malone, Wildwood, Hermansville

Defensive MVP of The Tournament: Darius Yohe, R-Place, Spaulding

Class A All Tournament Team: Blake McCann, Wagner-Casper Insurance, Marinette, Wis.; Eli Tolsma, McNeil Oilers, Crystal Falls; Jonny Ingalls, R-Place, Spaulding; Jason Whitens, R-Place, Spaulding; Marius Gravilius, R-Place, Spaulding; Marcus Krachinski, Contemporary Builders, Perronville; Isaiah Johnson, Contemporary Builders, Perronville; Dalapo Olynka, Contemporary Builders, Perronville; Kyle Monroe, Dexter’s, Menominee; Austin Armga, Dexter’s, Menominee; George Maule Trophy Outstanding Player in Class A: Isaiah Johnson, Contemporary Builders

Class C All Tournament Team: Marcus Johnson, Dave’s Auto, Iron Mountain; Kyle Johnson, Dave’s Auto, Iron Mountain; Reece Castor, Dave’s Auto, Iron Mountain; Kaden Pellizier, Shamco, Iron River; Jake Poetzle, Sports Corner, Marinette, Wis.; Austin Carlson, Juiced Apparel, Carney; Joey Pontbriand, Juiced Apparel, Carney; Dylan Plunger, Juiced Apparel, Carney; Donald Hill Trophy Outstanding Player in Class C: Marcus Johnson, Dave’s Auto

Class D All Tournament Team: Dave Pellizier, Shamco, Iron River; Reece Kangas, Wildwood, Hermansville; Alex Ortman, Wildwood, Hermansville; David Romps, Wildwood, Hermansville; Ryan Sweeney, Wendricks Truss, Hermansville; Connor Smale, Wendricks Truss, Hermansville; Nic Williams, Wendricks Truss, Hermansville; Zack Rose, 3’s Company, Escanaba; Reno Fochesato Trophy Outstanding Player in Class D: Ryan Sweeney, Wendricks Truss

Class EE All Tournament Team: Jake Poquette, Sidetrack, Powers; Hunter Robinson, Sidetrack, Powers; Jake Gorzinski, Whitens Dry Kiln, Hermansville; Noah Gorzinski, Whitens Dry Kiln, Hermansville; Drake Johnson, 3’s Company, Escanaba; Jesse Duran, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace; Bryce Kuneau, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace; Logan Jebwany, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace; Mike Strohl Trophy Outstanding Player in Class EE: Jesse Duran, Jim’s Plumbing

Class E All Tournament Team: Mike Polfus, Juice Promotions, Carney; Jake Polfus, Juice Promotions, Carney; Jason Kirschner, Juice Promotions, Carney; Josh Granquist, Wildwood, Hermansville; Jett Srarzinski, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace; Joe Starzinski, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace

Cooper Conway, Jim’s Plumbing, Wallace; Jackson Miller, Got Milk, Daggett; John Bellefeuil Trophy Outstanding Player in Class E: Jake Polfus, Juice Promotions


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