King bowls 300 game, 836 series at Bowl-a-rama Lanes

ESCANABA — Two for the price of one.

Kenny King had a night of bowling he will likely never forget here Oct. 7 as he rolled his first 300 game and a personal-best 836 series at Bowl-a-rama Lanes.

His series is the second highest to be recorded in Delta County, approximately 30 pins shy of the record held by Rick Neumann.

King opened with his perfect game, followed by scores of 279 and 257.

“It was definitely real nerve-wracking,” King said in a telephone interview Monday. “I started getting nervous in the eighth or ninth frame. I just told myself to keep up my ball speed. It was exciting and everybody was happy. We were exchanging handshakes, hugs and high fives. I’m still nervous talking about it.”

He achieved his 800-plus series by throwing 33 strikes in 36 frames and striking out in the 10th frame of the finale.

“I never thought I’d get 800,” he said. “I knew I was on a good track, but I didn’t know I was on that good of a track. It feels like it was just last night and it was already a week ago. It’s all positive. I’m glad nobody was down talking me while I was bowling. It was just a real good night of bowling.”

Kenny said his brother, Duke King, videotaped the last frame of the first and third games.

“It was surreal,” he added. “I was thinking a real good frame and I struck out in the 10th. I had very minimal mess up in the second game. Everything was like on a different level.”

Kenny, who bowls for KK in the Monday City League, considers himself more of a cranker.

“There’s a lot of hook on the ball,” he said.


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