Upper Level Wrestling Club youth standouts

Courtesy photo

Wrestlers from the Upper Level Wrestling Club in Escanaba were in Kalamazoo for the Myway State Youth Wrestling Championship March 29-31. 19 wrestlers made it to the medal rounds, which place the top eight. Upper Level also had one wrestler place in the Wisconsin State Championship: Caitlyn Kelly (1st, 105 lbs.). Pictured in front, from left: Owen Segorski (1st, 85 lbs.), Drew Hansen (2nd, 80 lbs.), Charley McInerney (1st, 80 lbs.), Tanner Thorbahn (8th, 81 lbs.), Nathan Beauchamp (3rd, 69 lbs.), Evan Asikainen (7th, 54 lbs.), Alois Schlumpf (5th, 75 lbs.), Asher Sargeant (4th, 58 lbs.) and Isla Gomez (3rd, 52 lbs.). Back row: Mya Gomez (5th, 98 lbs.), Caitlyn Kelly (1st, 105 lbs.), Trevor Thorbahn (4th, 95 lbs.), Drew Allgeyer (1st, 138 lbs.), Evan Haferkorn (7th, 114 lbs.), Austin Solis (5th, 100 lbs.), Breyson Kelly (110 lbs.) and Tyler Winch (8th, 90 lbs.). Not pictured: Brody Bellefeuil (4th, 63 lbs.), Max Sundquist (1st, 85 lbs.) and Luke Rice (7th, 55 lbs.).