Jets increase their roster

POWERS — Numbers are up slightly for the North Central boys as they prepare to begin their track season.

The Jets, with 20 on their roster, open today at 3:30 p.m. (CDT) at Stephenson.

“I think that’s the best turnout we’ve had since I’ve been coaching,” said fourth-year mentor Cheri Granquist. “Only, we have some kids I’ve seen very little of because of robotics and baseball. We’re kind of an unknown quantity.”

The Jets have seven seniors, including returners Griffin Johnson in the distances, Brady Eichmeier (sprints), Alex Bellmore (long jump and sprint relays), Dean Bellmore (pole vault and sprint relays), Brenton Ayotte and Eric Strahl (weight events) and newcomer Caleb Walters (shot put).

Additional upperclassmen are juniors Noah Gorzinski (sprints and 300-meter hurdles), Leo Gorzinski (sprints) and Darin Redinger (sprints and long jump).”

Sophomore hopefuls are Gavin Casperson (long jump and high jump) and Wyatt Riley and Marshall Zelenek (middle distance).

Among the freshmen are twin brothers Alex Naser (middle distance and long jump) and Trenton Naser (high jump and sprints) and their cousin Dominic Naser (sprints). Joining them are classmates Lane Nehring (weight events) and Doultin Thorbahn (sprints).

Gone through graduation is Connor Robinson, who runs cross country at Bay College.

“I think some of our freshmen are going to be real fast,” said Granquist. “I definitely miss Connor. He was such a good leader and got the other kids pumped up. I’m hoping somebody will step into that role.”

The girls have 14 on their team, including four seniors. They include Delaney Smith and Tayler Poupore (sprints and relays), Taylor Blair (weight events) and Belen Garcia, an exchange student from Spain (distance).

“Delaney and Tayler can run in any events,” said coach Dave Granquist. “Both are good athletes. It’s nice to have them on our team.”

Representing the junior class are Alex Neville (pole vault, high jump, sprint relays and hurdles) and Bree Arsenault (middle distance and hurdles).

Sophomore hopefuls include Andie Arsenault (weight events and sprint relays), Mackenzie Holle (sprints), Jaiden Fleetwood (middle distance), Olivia Arnold (distance) and twins Jesi Dani (middle distance) and Teri Dani (pole vault and middle distance).

“Bree and Andie are willing to do anything and Jaiden is very fast,” said coach Dave Granquist. “We’re strong in some areas. We’re hoping to find some people who can compete and get some medals. We’re learning. Hopefully, everybody will work hard and improve. We told the girls they have to be at their best in the regionals.”

North Central also has two freshmen. They are Mya Zimmer (sprints) and Shea LaCoursier (weight events).

The schedule:

April 23 — at Stephenson; April 25 — Superior Central Invitational (Superior Dome); April 30 — North Dickinson Invitational.

May 3 — Stephenson Invitational; May 6 — Norway Invitational; May 9 — Rapid River Invitational; May 14 — Bark River-Harris Relays; May 17 — D-3 regional at North Dickinson; May 21 — Skyline Central Conference at Bark River-Harris.

June 1 — U.P. Finals at Kingsford.