Fink commits to NMU

Former Superior Central tailback to become first Cougar to play at the collegiate level

Courtesy photo Superior Central’s Roubens Fink (3) runs with the ball in a game against Engadine in 2018. Fink accumulated 4,687 total yards and 59 touchdowns as a tailback for the Cougars during his high school career. On Wednesday, Fink committed to Northern Michigan University, and will become the first Cougar to play college football.

EBEN — Roubens Fink could have decided to play football anywhere else during his time at Superior Central. Cougars’ coach Sam Eggleston said he had many opportunities to play other places, but stuck with the Cougars and remained loyal.

Now he’ll be leaving for the first time.

Fink, a senior at SC, committed to Northern Michigan University Wednesday, becoming the first Cougar to ever play football at the collegiate level. The Cougars have a short football history, as their program began in 2011 when 8-player football began.

During his career at SC, Fink tallied 4,687 all-purpose yards and 59 touchdowns. He mainly played tailback and was the primary return specialist, but also saw time at quarterback and even played nose tackle.

Defensively, he recorded 212 tackles, seven fumble recoveries and five interceptions.

“He is naturally one of most athletic kids I’ve ever met in my life,” Eggleston said. “His cuts are incredible already.

“I took over as the head coach his sophomore season and built the entire offense around him. We had around 4,000 yards rushing every year because teams had to key on him. He was equally dangerous as a decoy and has amazing hands.”

Eggleston says Northern and Michigan Tech University have taken notice of players from 8-man football, so he wasn’t surprised when Wildcats’ coach Kyle Nystrom came out to talk to Fink.

“I wasn’t super surprised when they came to talk to him because they had been looking at Monty Glover out of Stephenson and they have similar skills,” Eggleston said. “It all just came on pretty recently. Kyle came out to talk to him at the end of November. He didn’t make him an offer right away, but when he did, Roubens accepted.”

Fink says Northern had always been on his radar since Eben is only a half hour away from NMU, and he decided he was going to commit there around the end of December.

“I think around the end of December was when I decided,” Fink said. “Me and my family decided that was the best thing for me.”

Fink also stated familiarity with the players at Northern played a big role in his decision.

“I signed there mostly because I knew a few of the other football players on the team and because my town and my family encouraged me to go there,” Fink said. “I’m really proud to represent my school, my coaches, my town and my family. I’m also grateful to be given the chance to continue playing football at a higher level.”

Eggleston said Fink represented the Cougars in a very positive manner.

“We’re extremely proud of Roubens and the way he respresented us,” Eggleston said. “He stepped into his role here and accepted every challenge in front of him. He did the best he could for the team and he’d do anything you ask him to.”

Fink stated stated he had a great time playing for SC.

“I broke my ankle during the summer of my freshman year but I went to the practices and helped out coach Sam with whatever he needed and then I was able to play my last game,” Fink said. “Football has been in the center of my life since 8th grade and I’ve had fun with older players before me, and with the younger players.

“Coach Sam has became like one of my family members, as well as DJ Johns, our center. We invite coach over for dinner and he’s always been great with knowing each of the players individually. I really appreciate him because of his dedication to our team and how much time he spends trying to better us on and off the field. Overall, I would say I had a great time being a part of playing and for the Superior Central Cougars.”

Moving on to the next level, Fink says his goal is to realize his potential.

“I’d really just like to try my hardest with the football program, and the academic program as well,” Fink said. “I’d also like to realize my potential during the games and practices and beat every challenge that comes my way.”

Fink committed as a running back, but Nystrom said they will be confident playing him in the slot and could even move him to corner if they need to.

Eggleston says this is huge for the Cougars’ program.

“For him to be the first to play college football out of our program is huge for us,” Eggleston said. “We’re trying to build, and it shows we’re capable of moving to the next level. This will help us and the 8-man game for the future.”


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