Vandalism in the park

Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: I am a long time admirer of Ludington Park. It seems that every time I go to Escanaba, year around, I drive through Ludington Park and Aronson Island because I love the beauty that it has to offer. I also am the guy in the park with the ice cream wagon (Sticky Fingers). This I ...

Cross-cultural-country trip

Letters to the Editor

EDITOR: Early this summer, I took a 2-week trip with my friends Gregory, Sean, Raul, Vincent and Omar through many states to visit their hometowns. It was a blast. First stop: South Dakota, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument. I asked Native Gregory how he responds to some Indian ...

Truth and COVID-19

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WASHINGTON — In the 1950s there was a quiz show called “To Tell the Truth.” It has been reborn several times but retained its original format. A celebrity panel would try to discover which one of three contestants was telling the truth, as all claimed to be the same person with identical ...


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By The Associated Press Today in History Today is Wednesday, July 21, the 202nd day of 2021. There are 163 days left in the year. Todayís Highlight in History: On July 21, 1944, American forces landed on Guam during World War II, capturing it from the Japanese some three weeks later. ...

Our Great Lakes deserve a group effort to protect them


Taken separately, the threats to the health of the Great Lakes are enough to raise alarm. Together they are a crisis, the root of which we must recognize and take seriously. Mercury, PCBs, PFAS, fertilizer, pesticides, microplastics, water withdrawal, toxic algae, botulism, invasive ...

Is Biden really the Lincoln of our time?

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WASHINGTON — Traveling to Philadelphia Tuesday, President Joe Biden laid out in apocalyptic terms the gravity of the “threat” to American democracy from Republican efforts to reform and rewrite state election laws. “We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the ...