Bergman and Ukraine


Bergman did it again. Michigan’s 1st District Congressman Jack Bergman voted against HR 8035, The Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. It seems Bergman doesn’t understand the support people have for the Ukraine in this district. The Facebook group, Yoopers for Ukraine; the Tiffany Ampe family who adopted two Ukrainian children and who helped send $100,000 in supplies to the Ukraine, (WLUC news article); Chef Chad Soyou of the Wilson Creek Cafe in Powers, Mich. who has collected for Ukrainian relief; people of Ukrainian ancestry in the western U.P. (where Jack allegedly lives), and persons of Ukrainian background in the Sault Ste. Marie area (where Jack took credit for Sault locks improvements he voted against) support the Ukrainian effort to repel the Russian invasion.

Not Jack Bergman. He’s OK with dictator Putin bombing Kiev; he’s OK with thousands of children ripped away from their families and forced into Russia; he’s OK with war crimes against the Ukrainian civilians. But it could get a lot worse. Putin’s ambition to resurrect the Soviet Union, untrammeled, means other former countries in the old Warsaw Pact like Poland (a member of NATO), are at risk.

Students of history should recall the Munich agreement of 30 Sept. 1938 when British Prime Minister Chamberlain claimed, “Peace in our time,” as he endorsed Nazi annexation of the Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. Letting Russia win in the Ukraine is inviting the Russians to do the same thing with Poland and other nations formerly in the Russian sphere. It’s inviting Putin to attack NATO which would put the U.S. at risk of global war. Jack Bergman again has failed this district, the families of Ukrainian ancestry, and those who are concerned about Russian expansionism and the security of the free world.

Mark C. Miller



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