County board meeting


Once again, I found myself both appalled and dumbfounded by the scene which took place at the county commission meeting on April 9. As a resident of Delta County, I am embarrassed to have such contentiousness on public display.

Anyone wondering why Commissioners Moyle, Barron, and Petersen are being recalled need only to watch the YouTube video of this latest meeting. It was filled with examples of the dysfunction and demeaning attitude of the current commission.

As if the confusion over multiple motions and votes weren’t bad enough, we had the added issues of publicly embarrassing an audience member who has a hearing loss and a vote to table a needed budget increase for the MSU Extension due to their federally-mandated inclusion of DEI in their mission (the second time that Barron, Moyle, and Petersen have voted against an agency providing important services to the public simply because they have the audacity to be inclusive).

Dave Moyle’s recent letter to the editor refers to “the left” as the people causing all the trouble. The same paper includes an article about the individual who made death threats against the three commissioners — threats those commissioners blamed on members of the Citizens for Ethical Leadership group. The article makes it abundantly clear that this individual had no affiliation with this group. Furthermore, the claims that this group is composed of a minority of the “radical left” is way off the mark. Yes, some members are Democrats. But there are also independents, those who are politically unaffiliated and even some who are — gasp — Republicans! What they have in common is their shared desire for ethical, non-threatening, and transparent leadership.

As a constituent living in District 3, I am proud to support Myra Croasdell. Myra has many years of experience on a variety of local boards as well as a strong desire to fairly represent the people of her district. She has no agenda (something her opponent would be hard pressed to claim); and she comes to this with nothing more than a desire to serve in an honest and ethical manner.

In a recent series of questions that candidates were asked to answer, Bob Barron’s response to what he considered the biggest challenge facing the County included: “. . . this recall effort to replace 3 Constitutional Commissioners with those who would impose upon the County their Wokist-Marxist Agenda. They and supporters have made it clear . . . they hate God, Family, Country and especially Straight Christian White Men. . . . this Spiritual War is at our doorstep.” Can he possibly be more offensive and condescending?

This recall vote has the potential to restore order and soothe a community that has been embroiled in a bitter and shameful months-long tirade brought on by these three. Cast your vote on May 7th for Myra Croasdell in District 3, Kelli VanGinhoven in District 4, and Matt Jensen in District 5. Let’s bring a sense of community back to our county government.

Shirley Gollach



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