Make a wise decision


Now that Christmas is upon us and the time to relax with friends and relative. Soon afterward comes reality of life with taxes, paying for Santa Claus gifts and the sickness of the virus that hit so many. Last, but not least the test of politics and the elections to various open positions.

You may ask yourself how do I truly go about this task in making a wise decision to protect our America. First one should always do some research on the candidates for an office. The person you want should have the background experience in that seat to make a good candidate. Then asked yourself do I want someone that will fill the needs of the people or just a select needs of a small group that to satisfied themselves. Yes! There are some that want a authoritarian type of person and other that want one that has a deep concern of our nation and how to make it better for all with input from all. As one may say, the choice is written on the “U.S. penny coin.” Another may say, If God, was to walk on this earth again who would he walk with. In closing have a great, New Year!.

Robert B. Carlson



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