Free market


This is about those people that truly believe that we have a so called, “free market for goods and service to serve our nation.” From what I have been reading concerning this issue, to make prices fair for the consumer, this is far from the truth. One just has to look what happen to prices increase lately and the connection to the pandemic. What is really happening all these large corporations buy out their competitors. They control that market and by doing this they eliminate those people and raise prices at their own will. Look what happened when the Senate and House of Representatives voted to let the large cable companies merge. They cared less about the “anti-trust laws. One has to just look how prices when up. This law was made to protect the consumer, not the greedy ones. The result of their decisions no doubt was made against the will or even with knowledge of the Americans majority is an economic structure this is as follows: shriveling economic opportunity, increasing inequality, stifling innovation, raising consumer prices, holding down wages (that we all witness for years). Not last nor least turning politics into a money game and dangerously weakening people’ democratic authority. This is what “ power does to those that put money ahead of compassion for a nation, does it not!”

Robert B. Carlson



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