Fear and guns


Do you as a hunter desire more than what your weapon can hold. Is your thought about ten or more bullets to kill, a larger magazine maybe even as large 30 or more.

Could it be the fear of having no guns. Fear of not trusting the highest court of our nation; The U.S. Supreme Court. This court does interpret our Constitution and has it every made a decision to take our guns away other than to use reasonable cause?

What about the safety of family. Is it your fear, that you teach your children about your guns. Does it matter how much harm it can cause our nation either a mass murder or a single innocent person death.

Will you not cry when one of your own dies because of not trying to protect the innocent with proper gun control. Some say that guns don’t kill people, is not a gun a weapon to kill.

As a teacher I never want to a have a loaded gun in a school building. You maybe asked why, because it only installs fear in child and tell that person you must live in fear.

Are we not to protect god children. We do have a solution only and only to all of this killing with an open mind.

Robert Bruce Carlson



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