Gas prices and supply


As I write this, the 5 million dollar ransom was paid 72 hours ago. The pipeline has been flowing. Why are gas stations still out of gas? It is really too much of a coincidence. Ten days before Memorial Day. Actually eight days before Memorial Day weekend. What better way to gauge consumers on the gas prices. The price was already on its way to a $4 national average. There are some areas where $7 a gallon is common. By the end of the weekend it could be $10. And the Colonial Pipeline being shut down is not the reason.

Let’s look at the facts. The pipeline is flowing. Oil companies have at least a six month supply of gas on hand. The federal government has the Strategic Oil Reserves (SOR). Of course, someone would have to wake up President Biden to open the S.O.R. Gas stations have reserves somewhere between 30 to 40 thousand gallons. Tankers can carry 20 to 30 thousand gallons depending on the state. One tanker truck could keep at least two stations open. And that doesn’t even take into account the railroads.

The Colonial Pipeline is big, but there are many other pipelines, tankers and railroads. So, if you start looking at the overall picture, there is no reason for 70 – 80% of stations are out of gas. But if you look at the Biden administration, they want gas to be as pricey as it is in Europe. We were energy independent just a few short months ago. The Democrats and the Green Energy supporters hated that.

We are being lied to. Isn’t it about time we woke up and took a stand?

Tom Grant



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