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It’s a fact that long after the Lone Ranger went off the air, Jay Silverheels who played Tonto, his sidekick, told Johnny Carson that he peeked under Kemosabe’s mask and found “nothing special.” Well, today that is no longer the case. Last Halloween a once-friend told me that he liked my mask, but — I wasn’t wearing one.

Today there are many things underneath that are more dangerous and not funny. Some folks, perhaps appropriately, call them ‘diapers’. It is clear to all that the aversion to masks and shot taking is quite strong. The information about COVID-19 seems to change weekly or even daily: Do this, don’t do that, stay inside, eat in, graduate outside, miss the funeral, no concerts, etc. Some Some educators and politicians close schools and give ‘stay at home’ orders and then take vacations. Many on the Left now are pushing for ‘vaccine cards’ indicating users are ‘safe’ for admittance to airplanes, concerts, restaurants and more. And, yet, they do not support voter ID cards. Our next big election is fall of 2022. Let’s have all political parties right now take the time, money and effort to get all potential voters to obtain a picture ID so we can all legally vote.

When a cop kills a person, he is automatically guilty, regardless, but if a bad guy kills, blame goes to the cop, the victim, the NRA, Trump and the gun manufacturer.

Many states are proposing legislation limiting female sports to biological females only, not trans folks. Should be a no-brainer. Many leftists want an opposite federal law. Why? Why would you desire your daughter competing against a man? Why would you want a man in your daughter’s shower room? Why would a trans ‘guy-to-girl’ want to be in a girl’s locker room? Why would he want to make others feel uncomfortable or unsafe? Sadly, now the NCAA has bought into the liberal trans agenda.

Oh, by the way, most medical professionals, common folks—and I see the continued mask wearing as vital, so do it!

Mike Olson



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