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This letter is being written in response to VanGinhoven letter titled “We expect more.” You say that you “expect Mr. Moyle to work with the duly elected government officials of the State of Michigan to advocate for measures that support economic survival by making reasoned arguments based in fact.” Did that, done that – Our state legislature got a victory with the Michigan Supreme Court that declared the Governor’s orders were unconstitutional. Didn’t stop her because of a clever side-step that only another costly and lengthy court battle with the people’s money would show her true intentions.

Next you say that you also expect more out of the other commissioners for not condemning his words, as “silence is acceptance.” No, silence is defined as: complete absence of sound. Have you heard of a thing called the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? You must really love this country to listen to someone speaking on an issue that you would spend the rest of your life opposing. But each American citizen has that right. I am glad Mr. Moyle didn’t apologize for what was said out of frustration. Even though our commissioners do not have any power on this issue, I give Mr. Moyle credit for meeting with the restaurant and bars owners in Delta County and understand his frustration with their needless tragic predicament. I do not know how anyone would not.

Next you state that Mr. Moyle needs to understand he represents all residents in his district, not just the ones who have the same ideology as he does. Are there residents in Delta County that want our dine-in restaurants closed possibly put out of business or now open at 25%. I do not, and if there are residents that feel that way they should just eat at home and those that want to eat out can enjoy and support their local businesses, problem solved.

I deal in a world of science every day but have come to hate the word. Who’s science. Compare the 15 counties in the U.P. to the 26 northern counties in Wisconsin. Per capita the difference is close to only 1% infection rate, yet everything is open there. Here, some businesses will struggle for a long time or close for good.

What do you do with a Governor who ran on the slogan “fix the damn roads”, when she really should have said “it’s going to be my way or the highway”? Michigan’s Governor is a tyrant — ruler who is unrestrained by law.

In closing I will address your militia comment. The Constitution does not forbid the formation of a nonprofessional citizen group called a militia. No one needs to worry about forming a militia in the U.P., I am sure a sizable force of Yooper’s will come together from the 79,191 rifle deer hunters and just in Delta County 3,372 concealed weapon permit holders if really needed. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Rory Mattson



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