Housing need for a new group of workers


There was a very insightful Letter to the Editor recently from Mr. Alex Wellman which concluded that “It’s time for the Upper Peninsula to actively promote itself as a great place to live, work and raise a family among the growing number of people who suddenly have more freedom to choose where they spend their time.”

As the Gladstone DDA /EDC Coordinator, I totally agree with Mr. Wellman’s conclusions. Over the past several years attending numerous Economic Development Meetings (now almost totally virtual), a consensus developed that we need to attract talent who would love to work in the Upper Peninsula. One of the identified problem areas was a lack of housing to attract a talented and mobile workforce.

We need to capitalize on this opportunity and encourage business and housing opportunities in the Central Upper Peninsula.

In Gladstone, we have been working to provide this kind of housing in our North Shore Project that would entice a new generation of mobile workers, as well as a diverse population wanting to live on the shores of Bay de Noc. I know that Delta County and the Central UP have been working to make these types of projects a reality.

So COVID-19 has been very challenging for us, but one of the positive outcomes was the realization that good, well-paying opportunities now exist that were not contemplated just a few years ago.

Ron Miaso

DDA / EDC Coordinator

City of Gladstone


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