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On January 11th at a special meeting of the Delta County Board of Commissioners, Commissioner David Moyle made an inflammatory statement by suggesting an armed militia be developed in the event the MDHHS orders for bar and restaurant closures continued past January 15th:

“My next step with these bar and restaurant owners, on Friday she’s gonna issue […] I’m going to advise them what I would do if I was a bar and restaurant owner, and that’s, it’s, ah we’ve taken, they’re literally gonna start losing property and things like that and I would strongly consider forming an active response militia of very well educated armed people to stand at my property line, um, very, I’m not talking redneck guys spitting tobacco with firearms but it’s coming to that point.”

Mr. Moyle extended this rhetoric to his social media and reiterated his position in an interview on WDBC radio.

The negative impact of Mr. Moyle’s words were felt by many; his fellow commissioners, local law enforcement, prosecutor, and many Delta Co residents he represents. When given a chance to publicly apologize for his comments at the Delta County Commissioners meeting on January 19th, Mr. Moyle stated, “I’m not going to apologize for what I said… I said it out of frustration.”

As a local public official, I expect more from him. I expect Mr. Moyle to work with the duly elected government officials of the state of Michigan to advocate for measures that support Delta County’s economic survival by making reasoned arguments based in fact, not suggest an armed uprising based on his political agenda. I also expect more from the Commission as a whole. By not condemning his words, you condone them. Silence is acceptance.

Mr. Moyle needs to understand he represents all residents in his district, not just the ones who have the same ideology as he does. It is time he stops this negative rhetoric, as it does nothing but cause chaos and deflects attention away from the real goal of helping businesses survive during this awful pandemic.

Kelli van Ginhoven



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