So, the Trump Administration shipped the COVID vaccines to the individual states. They are then the ones to administer those vaccines.

Monday,January 3, I hear that Michigan received more vaccines than they should have. The spokesperson was saying they were not prepared for that many vaccines and were trying to “figure it out.” The next day, Gov. Whitmer announces that Phase 1 of the vaccines was finished and Phase 2 would start the following Monday.


You have the vaccines, there are hundreds getting the coronavirus daily and we are “waiting.” The vaccines are sitting there, packed in dry ice and we wait.

Walgreens, CVS,etc., and every hospital and clinic have enough qualified staff to inject a vaccine.

There was talk about the slow roll-out of the vaccine. “Trump lied again!” He said 20 million doses by the end of the year and there were only 2 or 4 or 13, whatever. Biden was almost giddy about the “slow roll-out”. Of course all the media jumped at that story. Anything to make Trump look bad. The vaccines have been delivered as promised. It is not President Trump’s fault that some of the states can’t “figure it out”

Tom Grant



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