Political violence


I don’t believe President Trump would have purposely incited his supporters to interrupt the count of electors by storming the Capitol. Those proceedings were his last chance to get the November election results scrutinized, as Sens. Cruz and Hawley were pushing for.

Hundreds of thousands of his supporters were in D.C. that day. Of those, a couple hundred entered the Capitol and of those only a small percentage were violent. Democrats and media cries of insurrection and sedition make me wonder, with all those people in town, wouldn’t a real aspiring autocrat have planned to make better use of all his people?

Republicans swift and complete condemnation of the Capitol violence is in stark contrast to Democrats tacit approval of leftist violence all last summer. After five years and many well attended, nonviolent rallies, Democrats overreaction to this one, very nasty, incident is pretty stunning hypocrisy. All politicians should condemn all political violence all the time, and call out the perps by name.

Kenneth LaMarche



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