Common sense or money


In these troubled times, I have to wonder which of the titled two is used the most. I see small businesses failing daily and yet big box stores, soccer games, football, basketball can continue selling and playing. Our local restaurant obeyed every protocol set forth by the CDC and the governor. They all wore mask, they disinfected every table, menu, and condiment container after anyone touched them. They shutdown tables to enforce social distancing and yet they were shutdown. Why?

I believe it was because money talks. With the effort put forth by the owner and staff of our local small businesses, they should have been able to stay open. The big stores and sports have the revenue to carry them through even though you see the sports being played with no mask, no social distancing. The big stores require mask but do not enforce social distancing. So what has this state and country come to? To me and others I have talked to, feel that common sense has taken a back seat to the almighty dollar.

Rodney Phillips



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