Support for Segorski


This letter is being authored to support Jamie Segorski, candidate for the Escanaba Area Board of Education. I have known Jamie for the last approximate 22 years through a working relationship and subsequent friendship. You won’t find anyone who cares about the children of this community more than Jamie does. He embodies what I see as a quintessential school board candidate. He possesses the requisite skill, ability and knowledge to right the ship of our financially stressed school district.

Community rumors aside, let me tell you the truth about Jamie. His community service started when he joined the the United States Army. After serving several years, he rejoined our community and continued his public service, locally. He had a long and successful career in law enforcement/firefighting, serving for the City of Escanaba. During his time with the City of Escanaba, Jamie negotiated union contracts as a union steward and later as a member of management. His budgetary expertise and problem solving abilities simply cannot be overstated.

Jamie also coached athletics in the Escanaba School District for over 20 years. He started out as a volunteer and eventually then as a paid coach. He coached both wrestling and softball. Through Jamie’s leadership, the District has earned numerous trophies and accolades including state championships. Many students whom he has coached also garnered individual awards in both academics and athletics. Most importantly, win or lose, the children he coached were instilled with the requisite tools to make them successful in life. When Jamie wasn’t coaching, he was working on their ballfield or in the gym working out his student athletes.

Jamie has the life experience that the Escanaba School Board needs. His integrity, dedication to his job, friends, family and community are second to none. I have zero reasons to believe that he would treat an affirmative nod from the community to sit on the board of education any differently. For that, he has garnered my support. I encourage you all to vote for Jamie Segorski for the Escanaba Area School District Board of Education.

Robert LaMarche

Wells Township


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