Good, professional people


In response to Julie Hoffmeyer’s letter to the press on October 27, 2020 I felt compelled to respond. It must be something in the air or water, or political season that makes people want to assassinate some ones’ character these days, but I believe it is never good to say, let alone write an assassination. Do you know Mr. Strom, Mr. Moyle or the family involved personally to make any observation? I worked for Delta County for 36 years, most of which I was President of Local 2755, and I personally know Mr. Moyle and Mr. Strom. For me, Mr. Moyle was always available and eager to listen, so I never had any problems with him. I’ve been retired for a few years now and I do know that county employees were very happy with Mr. Strom. Mr. Strom had a very difficult job, both as a prosecutor and as an administrator and in my opinion, he did a very good job at both. Did you know that as a prosecutor, he had an obligation to prosecute and then also try to bring that family back together again? Did you read the transcripts of that trail, or were you there for the entire trial? I will agree that the kids are now in a wonderful home and I receive updates about them from a mutual friend. As for Mr. Strom’s abilities of county administrator, in my 36 years of working there and all the administrators the county has had in my tenure, I would have to say he and Mr. Bergman were tied as being the very best administrators of Delta County. Can you even name the administrators for the past 30 years? I also know Rebecca McIntyre because she worked across the hall from me, and I can say she is a very competent person and would make a good county commissioner. I read Mr. Strom’s letter and I would have to say although I was not happy with it, that for whatever reason he wrote that letter, he must have had a reason. I was not privy to the relationship between county commissioner and county administrator. All three of these people, Mr. Strom, Mr. Moyle and Ms McIntyre are good, decent, honest, respectful and professional people and none of them deserve to have their character assassinated. I will have to pray for you and all those involved.

Kaye Rowlands



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