Stupak gives support to Biden


Our Michigan is a beautiful state. Its forests and streams provide us peace, while the Great Lakes inspire wonder. Our forests and waters also offer hunters and anglers a bounty of opportunities with game and fish. With fall, it is the peak season for we hunters as we get ready to tramp to our deer blinds or tree stands for a time we cherish every year.

And to protect these resources, to ensure our children and grandchildren can enjoy Michigan’s outdoors for generations to come, I and other Michigan leaders who love the outdoors — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — are urging our fellow sportsmen and sportswomen to support Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States.

President Donald Trump has no regard for the outdoors. He has shown no interest in protecting the clean waters anglers need for fishing. He has repeatedly tried to slash the federal budget for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. He allowed a sulfide mine to be opened near the Minnesota Boundary Waters where walleye and northern pike are plentiful. Trump also cut funding for the Great Lakes Fisheries program.

And Trump threatens access to public lands where so many of us bow and firearm hunters pursue deer. He has sharply cut the size of two beautiful national monuments out west.

With deer hunting upon us, we must remember Trump is trying to divert funding to control Chronic Wasting Disease to private, for-profit deer farms. This is completely wrong, and ignores hunters who hunt in the wild. CWD funding should go to the states where wildlife managers can help ensure all the deer population is protected and the disease controlled.

Even Trump’s failure to take active steps to control the COVID-19 pandemic affects the outdoors. During this time Michigan hunting and fishing license sales are up. More people want to escape to the outdoors to relax and recreate during this stressful time, but Trump threatens our natural resources.

Knowing all this, sportsmen and sportswomen have a responsibility not only to themselves but their children and grandchildren to back candidates who will protect our great outdoors. Joe Biden understands these issues. He is a hunter and an angler. He will promote the use of public lands, and take steps to protect the quality of our lakes and streams. His resource management focus will be on the public and not the corporations. And he will take active steps to help end the pandemic.

Join with me and fellow outdoor enthusiasts from all political backgrounds and all parts of the state to support Joe Biden for President.

Bart Stupak

Former Congressman


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