Support for Gerry Tatrow


My wife and I decided to retire here in Delta County for a variety of reasons. It was close to our hunting camp of 45 years, it had all the amenities we needed and most importantly, we have met more people and made more friends than the whole time we lived downstate.

Here we have come to know our township, county, state districts and the representatives. It is quite comforting to be able to speak to these folks using first names and they, in turn remember yours. Not something you find in the Lansing area.

Community and individual values fall right in line with our own. Many people with the proper attitude and concern for citizens is what we look for in a candidate/incumbent when it comes to selecting a representative.

Gerry Tatrow fits this mold better than anyone. Having spoken with Gerry on a number of matters I find him to be most approachable and concerned with my situation. Of course, the discussion occasionally strays to topics of hunting, fishing and what the hell to do in the winter. All require a sense of humor as well as experience in governing.

Gerry represents Baldwin, Bay de Noc, Brampton, Cornell, Ensign , Fairbanks, Garden, Maple Ridge, Masonville and Nahma townships (where we live). I urge residents of these townships to vote for Gerry in this coming primary election. As an incumbent he is already familiar with the workings and complications of county government.

My wife Sara and I strongly urge you to vote for Gerry Tatrow in the Aug. 4, primary.

Michael A. Glass

Nahma township


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